Actress, Model, Entrepreneur, Fashion Designer


Excelina is a model, actress, fashion designer, and entrepreneur. Her first passion is communications: television, movies, commercials, voiceover, fashion, and business since she was a little girl. Following this passion, she moved from her native Colombia to Chile to further her studies.

While studying in Chile, Excelina achieved her next life goal, a move to the United States to bring her talents to the movie industry in Hollywood. Excelina loves Fashion and thrives in the business aspect of all her endeavors. Excelina holds a dream of working toward a perfect planet with people and animals living in harmony by bringing mindfulness to all her adventures. She especially enjoys LA’s mix of cultures.

A caring, loving compassionate person, Excelina enjoys learning about other cultures while loving the outdoors, working out, nutrition, decoration, and beauty, both inner and outside. She excels as an actress, finding the root emotion in all her roles while taking on a variety of opportunities in television, radio, or brand representation.

Film Roles

Bad Actress
The Principal of Monster Lake
Obsessed With the Babysitter
My Perfect Woman
Stan the Man
Flowers and Honey
Cause and Effect

Thank you for visiting my page. If you want to book me for a project, film, movie, television, commercial, radio, voiceover or other please contact me excelina21@yahoo.com.


Hollywood, California

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